Student Testimonials

Meaning to my career started from Pixxel Arts ‘The School of Animation and Visual Effects’. To get a first class training in Visual effects and become a crowning student, Pixxel Arts is the most appropriate place to start. I joined the Vfx training course in March 2011, which became an excellent pathway to my ideas and creativity. The Proficiency of the faculty and the Pixxel’s staff helped me to achieve good results in my training course. With all the skills and knowledge that I have acquired at Pixxel Arts, I was confident and ready to face all the challenges in any Job placements they assisted. You are welcomed from the first step you take in Pixxel and more welcomed from the first sit in the class room. I am glad I have joined the right place in building my career.

John William - Maya and Visual Effects Student

When I had just started the diploma course, I had no idea what MAYA was all about. MAYA in Indian Language and meant ‘MAGIC’. So as a lay person even I thought what Magic any one would create in a course field. But once I started the course called MAYA, I started liking it and was indeed like Magic, Pixxel Arts has deliver me with excellent key knowledge of creative world. Know nothing now I am in a stage to create an Imaginary world, in Maya. I thank to the faculty for making me a professional.

Muni Anildutt - Maya Student

Pixxel Arts’ Subject knowledge, teaching skills and works are filtered through the eye of mind. Pixxel arts take into account what is important about and emphasizes it accordingly. In my case Pixxel helped me in transforming my dream of studying, learning and implementing Web delineation. Mr. Srikanth the faculty of Web designing has structured me to fit into any company’s profile where now I am in capable stage of creating captivating Logs, distinct company profiles and exquisite broachers. I have been placed from Pixxel Arts to a renowned company called Capricorn Solutions. I thank Pixxel Arts for showing limelight to me.

K.Suman - Web Design Student

I have benefited from excellent teaching and innovative course delivery. Courses offered by Pixxel Arts have been developed to be relevant, practical and up-to-date, which help students to be well equipped with the necessary tools for vibrant architectural environment. I was a struggling architect working in a small firm. When I got a call from Pixxel’s that they are offering Revit Modeler with 2D and 3D which gives a shape to my existing architectural work I was so fortunate step in .The subject orientation, teaching methodology, notes is in such a precise form that it has shown me the difference between previous institutes that of Pixels what I have experienced. The work and the faculty guidance given by Mr. Latheef Patel who made me realize that I can enhance my architectural work much better with Revit Modeler Software. Now company like X-cad is offering with a very good Job opportunity. Joining Pixxel Arts made me worth.

B.Chaitanya Krishna - Revit Student

I am impressed with Pixxel Arts. The computer-based technology is really up-to-date. "Ameerpet" was not really in my mind when I wanted to go for my Mechanical Courses as they are the high-end divisions. I was about to opt big mechanical classes or colleges for my course AutoCAD that it is on demand going through a rapid development and progress. When I came to Pixxel Arts just for a view not in my mind still to join, they made me to sit in a demo class for checking out with teaching methods, ambiance, faculty,nature. I was confident that I had made the right choice. To date, it has been almost a year since I am perusing my course apart from AutoCAD E-CAD also. In the beginning, it was quite tough. However, things are so much better now. As for the institute, I feel that it provides quality education. With ‘Drafting Software’ I am able to develop Integrated Design Suite. Pixxel’s experienced faculty has helped me to design CAD, create Stunning presentations to the companies, Showcase my designs with extended power with tools to render and sketch 3D CAD models.

Surya Teja - AUTO CAD Student